Just a Random Microsoft Azure and Computing Tech info

Microsoft is preparing for launch not just one edge computing service but three, one each for industrial connectivity on a 5G private network, standing up a mini Azure region closer to your customers, and offering cloud services that run inside a carrier network.

Azure Edge Zones, which Microsoft started previewing at the end of March, are meant to bring that consistency to applications that need to run at the edge for extremely low latency. The three new services, called Edge Zones, Private Edge Zones, and Edge Zones With Carrier, cover multiple “edge” types and use cases: more localized regions than the core public cloud with latency of ExpressRoute, Azure with 5G through a carrier, and Azure in private industrial or retail deployments with 5G connectivity.

Learn more: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/microsoft-partners-with-the-industry-to-unlock-new-5g-scenarios-with-azure-edge-zones/

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