...như một hôm ta thấy ta là lá cỏ, giữa yên bình ngồi ca hát rất tự do...


- What's happened to you? - I grew up.

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thời sự & thông tin Canada

Suximi's Corner

My little corner about beauty, travel tips and more...


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Travel Discoveries, Travel Advisory, Reviews and Tours - THAILAND DISCOVERY ADVENTURE

Mpflorist's Blog

Art has it all: PEACE for your soul, JOY for your spirit, LOVE for your heart...

Hạt Mầm Nắng

- Kể những điều nhỏ xíu đẹp đẽ trong cuộc đời -

Through the looking glass of Kimi

After all, tomorrow is a another day!


You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you

You Can Take the Girl Out of Bradford ...

Bradford lass recently returned from living in Rome. Rediscovering Yorkshire, searching for a decent coffee.


One stop travel destination

Satu Kosong's Travel Blog

A staycation and travel addict who tries to toe the balance between living the atas life and maintaining some resemblance of financial sanity.

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Edward Journey's stream of consciousness

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More than just your local news

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My esports experience and why I love’em