Data in 2019, more valuable than oil

In a previous article,In Defense of Privacy, I wrote that we should not fetishize privacy, we should demand privacy. While I stand by that, we run into the issue that most of our privacy is degraded and put at risk because we willingly and nonchalantly provide our data.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone else so what can we do? Is it possible to get our data back? The short answer…no. In an interview with Bloomberg in September 2018, Brittany Kaiser formerly of Cambridge Analytica put it simply, no.

“If you were on Facebook before April 2015, you’re never getting your privacy back. That data has been copied and proliferated around the world so many times without any due deligience, any tracking or traceability on a technology level that there is no way that there is no way you will be able to erase all of that…

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