Setup Honeypot In Kali Linux With Pentbox

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Well with the help of honeypot, you can easily monitor your own OS and can track every activity of the hacker or you can say that its the best way to hack the hacker. Every big company is already using smart honeypots in their backends like Google, Facebook and Microsoft because they don’t want to compromise. They actually want to trace all the activities of all the users and if they found any illegal or malicious activity found then honeypot has the capability to block that IP address immediately.

Types of Honeypots –

Honeypots can be categorized by two ways i.e. on the basis of deployment and on the basis of design criteria.

a) Basis of Deployment

  • Production Honeypot
  • Research Honeypot

b) Basis of Design Criteria

  • Pure Honeypot
  • High-Interaction Honeypot
  • Low-Interaction Honeypot

How to set a honeypot in Kali Linux

As you all know Kali Linux is one…

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