Cyberwarfare in Context of International Humanitarian Law

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Cyberwarfare in Context of International Humanitarian Law

Author: Nandini Tripathy, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad


Technology has dominated warfare since the early 1900s. Throughout history, societies have put their best minds to work creating new ways to fight each other. New Scientist looks at the major milestones in the development of tools of war. Cyber warfare is a new a phenomenon and scenario under International Humanitarian law. Cyberspace has opened up a potentially new warfighting domain, a man-made theatre of war additional to the natural theatres of land, air, sea and outer space and is interlinked with all of them. It is a virtual space that provides worldwide interconnectivity regardless of borders.

This paper was basically portrayed the impact of cyber warfare on international humanitarian law and assessed among other things the notion of cyber warfare, conduct of hostilities, legal framework, monitoring mechanisms of cyber warfare as well as current…

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