Critical RCE in F5’s BIG-IP networking devices

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BIG-IP ADC is being used by large enterprises, data centers, and cloud computing environments, allowing them to implement application acceleration, load balancing, rate shaping, SSL offloading, and web application firewall.

The vulnerability, assigned CVE-2020-5902 and rated as critical with a CVSS score of 10 out of 10, could let remote attackers take complete control of the targeted systems, eventually gaining surveillance over the application data they manage.

What is RCE?

Like its name very well says, Remote Code Execution (also known as Remote Code Evaluation) is a vulnerability that allows attackers to access a third party’s systems and read or delete their contents, make changes, or otherwise take advantage of their computers by running code on them – regardless of where they are physically located.

Essentially, by having an app or server that are vulnerable to RCE you’re giving an attacker not only access to your server and a…

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