Microsoft – Fastest growing Cyber Security Company

future of cybersecurity

Most often, cyber security professionals make fun of Microsoft products until few years ago. Its due to the reason that its been considered one of the notoriously full of dangerous bugs, and Microsoft was considered difficult to work with when it came to patching them.

For instance, the infamous Stuxnet worm, an attempt allegedly by USA spy agencies , to take down Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010, apparentlyrelied in part on bugs in Microsoft products , and Microsoft didn’t fully fix the vulnerability

In Nov 2015, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella demonstrates the importance of ‘TRUST‘ in the digital business with cyber security.He believes that TRUST can be achieved via four pillars a) Privacy b) Compliance c) Transparency and d) Security. He also acknowledged that organizations are finding it difficult to figure out that whether or not its breached and the cost involved to DETECT is massive. Its…

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