How to bring ‘WOW’ factor in SOC visits

future of cybersecurity

If you are in process of buying a car – probably you’ll do self research, visit the showrooms, opt for self-drive, experience it and then make decision – whether or not to buy the product and services.

In cyber security – enterprise before making outsourcing decision on security operations and management will opt for SOC visits. The objective for them is now not to see marketing presentation in conference room by sales function, rather to experience the ‘day in a life’ of SOC personnel, process and technology

Understand your customer expectations

Its important to know the below and set expectations before the visits

  • Who all are visiting? When?
  • How long is the visit?
  • What role they play in their organization?
  • What technology background they are?
  • Is there any specific use-case/ scenario deep-dive demonstration required?
  • Know-how of their requirements

SOC environment are to be awesome

It require investment to build the…

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