Cyber security leaders need fraud prevention with digital business

future of cybersecurity

Digital transaction and consumer’s online presence

Technology advancements has benefited both business and consumer by adopting digital technologies. With increase in adoption of smart phones and smart apps – the fraudulent activities has also exploded. Frauds such as identity thefts, merchant and triangulation frauds, affiliate and clean frauds, phishing, pagejacking, and counterattacks occur during online transactions. Other frauds are more prevalent for business including application fraud, transaction fraud, anti-money laundering fraud, fake listing and scams, fake accounts, content moderation, bot attacks, promotion abuse. The digital channels such as web, mobile and telephony are interaction juncture for fraudster to perform hacking attempts to both business and consumer.

Cyber security leaders focused on fraud prevention are concerned with fraud losses within organizational risk tolerances and thus want to detect fraud as it happens.

Online fraud management solution providers

The fraud management solutions are broadly categorized into below sub segments

  • Fraud analytics

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