CISO should redefine corporate security strategy

future of cybersecurity

Evolution of the CISO

The role for CISO has evolved in last two decades, In early year 2000 – organizations require security information officer to focus on regulatory compliance and interaction with external auditors and business stakeholders to define IT security requirements. They coordinate audits to ensure that business process are complaint. During the year 2005 – Cyber risk has been treated as IT Risk and additional responsibilities for IT Security risk officer becomes part of CISO portfolio, but still resides under CIO business unit. In the year 2010 – adoption of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) has made organizations to define corporate security strategy for CISO office to focus of security policies and procedures, certifications/audits, governance, risk and compliance, physical and environmental security, access management & security event monitoring. After the year 2015 – with regional data protection acts, privacy regulations, increase in data breaches and security incidents…

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