Library of America ( Danh sách các tựa sách nổi tiếng của Mỹ)

Library of America

Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York City
DistributionPenguin Random House Publisher Services[1]
Publication typesBooks

The Library of America (LOA) is a nonprofit publisher of classic American literature. Founded in 1979 with seed money from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Ford Foundation, the LOA has published over 300 volumes by authors ranging from Mark Twain to Philip Roth, Nathaniel Hawthorne to Saul Bellow, and includes the selected writings of several U.S. presidents.[2]

Overview and history

The Bibliothèque de la Pléiade (“La Pléiade”) series published in France provided the model for the LOA, which was long a dream of critic and author Edmund Wilson.[3]

The initial organizers included American academic Daniel Aaron,[4] Lawrence Hughes, Helen Honig Meyer, and Roger W. Straus, Jr.. The initial board of advisers included Robert Penn Warren, C. Vann Woodward, R.W.B. Lewis, Robert Coles, Irving Howe, and Eudora Welty. Officers included Richard Poirier, Jason Epstein, Daniel Aaron, and Cheryl Hurley.[3] As of 2017, Hurley remains president of the Library of America.[5][6]

The first volumes were published in 1982, ten years after Wilson’s death.[3] Besides the works of many individual writers, the series includes anthologies like Reporting World War II and (in a different format from the above illustration) Writing Los Angeles.

The publisher aims to keep classics and notable historical and genre works in print permanently to preserve America’s literary and cultural heritage. Although the LOA sells more than a quarter-million volumes annually, the publisher depends on individual contributions to help meet the costs of preparing, marketing, manufacturing, and maintaining its books. Some books published as additions to the series are not kept in print in perpetuity.

The Publisher of Library of America is Max Rudin; John Kulka is Editorial Director; David Cloyce Smith is Director of Marketing.[5]

Research and scholarship

LOA volumes are prepared and edited by recognized scholars on the subject. Determined efforts are made to correct errors and omissions in previous editions and create a definitive version of the material. Notes on the text are normally included and the source texts properly identified.

For instance, the LOA text of Richard Wright’s Native Son restored a number of passages that had been previously cut. The LOA commissioned a new translation of Alexis de Tocqueville‘s Democracy in America by Arthur Goldhammer for their edition of the text.

Each volume also includes a chronology of the author’s career or significant incidents in the case of the anthology volumes.

Build and manufacture

The LOA uses the highest standards for production. The paper meets the requirements for permanence set by the American National Standards Institute. Each volume is printed on thin but durable acid-free paper, allowing books ranging from 700 to 1,600 pages to remain fairly compact. All volumes have the same trim size based on the golden ratio.

For the hardcover editions, the binding cloth is woven rayon, and the books are Smyth-sewn for permanence and flexibility. Each includes a ribbon bookmark. The uniform typeface is Galliard.

The LOA publishes selected titles in paperback, mainly for the college textbook market.

The Library of America series

1Herman MelvilleTypee, Omoo, MardiG. Thomas Tanselle1982978-0-940450-00-4
2Nathaniel HawthorneTales and SketchesRoy Harvey Pearce1982978-0-940450-03-5
3Walt WhitmanPoetry and ProseJustin Kaplan1982978-0-940450-02-8
4Harriet Beecher StoweThree NovelsKathryn Kish Sklar1982978-0-940450-01-1
5Mark TwainMississippi WritingsGuy Cardwell1982978-0-940450-07-3
6Jack LondonNovels and StoriesDonald Pizer1982978-0-940450-05-9
7Jack LondonNovels and Social WritingsDonald Pizer1982978-0-940450-06-6
8William Dean HowellsNovels 1875–1886Edwin M. Cady1982978-0-940450-04-2
9Herman MelvilleRedburn, White-Jacket, Moby-DickG. Thomas Tanselle1983978-0-940450-09-7
10Nathaniel HawthorneCollected NovelsMillicent Bell1983978-0-940450-08-0
11Francis ParkmanFrance and England in North America, vol. 1David Levin1983978-0-940450-10-3
12Francis ParkmanFrance and England in North America, vol. 2David Levin1983978-0-940450-11-0
13Henry JamesNovels 1871–1880William T. Stafford1983978-0-940450-13-4
14Henry AdamsNovels, Mont Saint Michel, The EducationErnest Samuels & & Jayne N. Samuels1983978-0-940450-12-7
15Ralph Waldo EmersonEssays and LecturesJoel Porte1983978-0-940450-15-8
16Washington IrvingHistory, Tales, and SketchesJames W. Tuttleton1983978-0-940450-14-1
17Thomas JeffersonWritingsMerrill D. Peterson1984978-0-940450-16-5
18Stephen CraneProse and PoetryJ. C. Levenson1984978-0-940450-17-2
19Edgar Allan PoePoetry and TalesPatrick F. Quinn1984978-0-940450-18-9
20Edgar Allan PoeEssays and ReviewsG. R. Thompson1984978-0-940450-19-6
21Mark TwainThe Innocents Abroad & Roughing ItGuy Cardwell1984978-0-940450-25-7
22Henry JamesLiterary Criticism: Essays, American & English WritersLeon Edel & Mark Wilson1984978-0-940450-22-6
23Henry JamesLiterary Criticism: European Writers & The PrefacesLeon Edel & Mark Wilson1984978-0-940450-23-3
24Herman MelvillePierre, Israel Potter, The Confidence-Man, Tales & Billy BuddHarrison Hayford1985978-0-940450-24-0
25William FaulknerNovels 1930–1935: As I Lay Dying/Sanctuary/Light in August/PylonJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk1985978-0-940450-26-4
26James Fenimore CooperThe Leatherstocking Tales, vol. 1Blake Nevius1985978-0-940450-20-2
27James Fenimore CooperThe Leatherstocking Tales, vol. 2Blake Nevius1985978-0-940450-21-9
28Henry David ThoreauA Week, Walden, The Maine Woods, Cape CodRobert F. Sayre1985978-0-940450-27-1
29Henry JamesNovels 1881–1886William T. Stafford1985978-0-940450-30-1
30Edith WhartonNovelsR. W. B. Lewis1986978-0-940450-31-8
31Henry AdamsHistory of the United States during the Administrations of JeffersonEarl N. Harbert1986978-0-940450-34-9
32Henry AdamsHistory of the United States during the Administrations of MadisonEarl N. Harbert1986978-0-940450-35-6
33Frank NorrisNovels and Essays: Vandover and the Brute/McTeague/The Octopus/EssaysDonald Pizer1986978-0-940450-40-0
34W. E. B. Du BoisWritingsNathan I. Huggins1986978-0-940450-33-2
35Willa CatherEarly Novels and StoriesSharon O’Brien1987978-0-940450-39-4
36Theodore DreiserSister Carrie, Jennie Gerhardt, Twelve MenRichard Lehan1987978-0-940450-41-7
37ABenjamin FranklinSilence Dogood, The Busy-Body, & Early WritingsJ. A. Leo Lemay1987
37BBenjamin FranklinAutobiography, Poor Richard, & Later WritingsJ. A. Leo Lemay1987
38William JamesWritings 1902–1910Bruce Kuklick1987978-0-940450-38-7
39Flannery O’ConnorCollected WorksSally Fitzgerald1988978-0-940450-37-0
40Eugene O’NeillComplete Plays 1913–1920Travis Bogard1988978-0-940450-48-6
41Eugene O’NeillComplete Plays 1920–1931Travis Bogard1988978-0-940450-49-3
42Eugene O’NeillComplete Plays 1932–1943Travis Bogard1988978-0-940450-50-9
43Henry JamesNovels 1886–1890Daniel Mark Fogel1989978-0-940450-56-1
44William Dean HowellsNovels 1886–1888Don L. Cook1989978-0-940450-51-6
45Abraham LincolnSpeeches and Writings 1832–1858Don E. Fehrenbacher1989978-0-940450-43-1
46Abraham LincolnSpeeches and Writings 1859–1865Don E. Fehrenbacher1989978-0-940450-63-9
47Edith WhartonNovellas and Other WritingsCynthia Griffin Wolff1990978-0-940450-53-0
48William FaulknerNovels 1936–1940: Absalom, Absalom!/The Unvanquished/If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem/The HamletJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk1990978-0-940450-55-4
49Willa CatherLater NovelsSharon O’Brien1990978-0-940450-52-3
50Ulysses S. GrantPersonal Memoirs and Selected LettersMary Drake McFeeley & William S. McFeeley1990978-0-940450-58-5
51William Tecumseh ShermanMemoirsCharles Royster1990978-0-940450-65-3
52Washington IrvingBracebridge Hall, Tales of a Traveller, The AlhambraAndrew Myers1991978-0-940450-59-2
53Francis ParkmanThe Oregon Trail, The Conspiracy of PontiacWilliam R. Taylor1991978-0-940450-54-7
54James Fenimore CooperSea Tales, The Pilot, The Red RoverKay Seymour House & Thomas Philbrick1991978-0-940450-70-7
55Richard WrightEarly Works: Black Boy (American Hunger) / The OutsiderArnold Rampersad1991978-0-94045066-0
56Richard WrightLater Works: Lawd Today! / Uncle Tom’s Children / Native SonArnold Rampersad1991978-0-940450-67-7
57Willa CatherStories, Poems, and Other WritingsSharon O’Brien1991978-0-940450-71-4
58William JamesWritings 1878–1899Gerald Myers1992978-0-940450-72-1
59Sinclair LewisMain Street & BabbittJohn Hersey1992978-0-940450-61-5
60Mark TwainCollected Tales, Sketches, Speeches & Essays 1852–1890Louis J. Budd1992978-0-940450-36-3
61Mark TwainCollected Tales, Sketches, Speeches & Essays 1891–1910Louis J. Budd1992978-0-940450-73-8
62variousThe Debate on the Constitution: Part OneBernard Bailyn1993978-0-940450-42-4
63variousThe Debate on the Constitution: Part TwoBernard Bailyn1993978-0-940450-64-6
64Henry JamesCollected Travel Writings: Great Britain & AmericaRichard Howard1993978-0-940450-76-9
65Henry JamesCollected Travel Writings: The ContinentRichard Howard1993978-0-940450-77-6
66variousAmerican Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Vol. 1John Hollander1993978-0-940450-60-8
67variousAmerican Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Vol. 2John Hollander1993978-0-940450-78-3
68Frederick DouglassAutobiographyHenry Louis Gates, Jr.1994978-0-940450-79-0
69Sarah Orne JewettNovels and StoriesMichael Davitt Bell1994978-0-940450-74-5
70Ralph Waldo EmersonCollected Poems and TranslationsHarold Bloom & Paul Kane1994978-0-940450-28-8
71Mark TwainHistorical RomancesSusan K. Harris1994978-0-940450-82-0
72John SteinbeckNovels and Stories, 1932–1937: The Pastures of Heaven/To a God Unknown/Tortilla Flat/In Dubious Battle/Of Mice and MenRobert DeMott & Elaine A. Steinbeck1994978-1-883011-01-7
73William FaulknerNovels 1942–1954: Go Down, Moses/Intruder in the Dust/Requiem for a Nun/A FableJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk1994978-0-940450-85-1
74Zora Neale HurstonNovels and StoriesCheryl A. Wall1995978-0-940450-83-7
75Zora Neale HurstonFolklore, Memoirs, and Other WritingsCheryl A. Wall1995978-0-940450-84-4
76Thomas PaineCollected WritingsEric Foner1995978-1-883011-03-1
77variousReporting World War II: American Journalism 1938–1944Advisory Board: Samuel Hynes, Anne Matthews, et al.1995978-1-883011-04-8
78variousReporting World War II: American Journalism 1944–1946Advisory Board: Samuel Hynes, Anne Matthews, et al.1995978-1-883011-05-5
79Raymond ChandlerStories and Early NovelsFrank MacShane1995978-1-883011-07-9
80Raymond ChandlerLater Novels and Other WritingsFrank MacShane1995978-1-883011-08-6
81Robert FrostCollected Poems, Prose & PlaysRichard Poirier & Mark Richardson1995978-1-883011-06-2
82Henry JamesComplete Stories 1892–1898John Hollander, David Bromwich, Denis Donoghue1996978-1-883011-09-3
83Henry JamesComplete Stories 1898–1910John Hollander, David Bromwich, Denis Donoghue1996978-1-883011-10-9
84William BartramTravels and Other WritingsThomas Slaughter1996978-1-883011-11-6
85John Dos PassosU.S.A.Townsend Ludington & Daniel Aaron1996978-1-883011-14-7
86John SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath and Other Writings, 1936–1941: The Grapes of Wrath/The Harvest Gypsies/The Long Valley/The Log from the Sea of CortezRobert DeMott & Elaine A. Steinbeck1996978-1-883011-15-4
87Vladimir NabokovNovels and Memoirs 1943–1951Brian Boyd1996978-1-883011-18-5
88Vladimir NabokovNovels 1955–1962Brian Boyd1996978-1-883011-19-2
89Vladimir NabokovNovels 1969–1974Brian Boyd1996978-1-883011-20-8
90James ThurberWritings and DrawingsGarrison Keillor1996978-1-883011-22-2
91George WashingtonWritingsJohn Rhodehamel1997978-1-883011-23-9
92John MuirNature WritingsWilliam Cronon1997978-1-883011-24-6
93Nathanael WestNovels and Other WritingsSacvan Bercovitch1997978-1-883011-28-4
94variousCrime Novels: American Noir of the 1930s and 40sRobert Polito1997978-1-883011-46-8
95variousCrime Novels: American Noir of the 1950sRobert Polito1997978-1-883011-49-9
96Wallace StevensCollected Poetry and ProseFrank Kermode & Joan Richardson1997978-1-883011-45-1
97James BaldwinEarly Novels and StoriesToni Morrison1998978-1-883011-51-2
98James BaldwinCollected EssaysToni Morrison1998978-1-883011-52-9
99Gertrude SteinWritings 1903–1932Harriet Chessman & Catharine R. Stimpson1998978-1-883011-40-6
100Gertrude SteinWritings 1932–1946Harriet Chessman & Catharine R. Stimpson1998978-1-883011-41-3
101Eudora WeltyComplete Novels: The Robber Bridegroom/Delta Wedding/The Ponder Heart/Losing Battles/The Optimist’s DaughterRichard Ford & Michael Kreyling1998978-1-883011-54-3
102Eudora WeltyStories, Essays, & MemoirRichard Ford & Michael Kreyling1998978-1-883011-55-0
103Charles Brockden BrownThree Gothic NovelsSydney J. Krause1998978-1-883011-57-4
104variousReporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959–1969Advisory board: Milton J. Bates, Lawrence Lichty, et al.1998978-1-883011-58-1
105variousReporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1969–1975Advisory board: Milton J. Bates, Lawrence Lichty, et al.1998978-1-883011-59-8
106Henry JamesComplete Stories 1874–1884William Vance1999978-1-883011-63-5
107Henry JamesComplete Stories 1884–1891Edward Said1999978-1-883011-64-2
108variousAmerican Sermons: The Pilgrims to Martin Luther King Jr.Michael Warner1999978-1-883011-65-9
109James MadisonWritingsJack N. Rakove1999978-1-883011-66-6
110Dashiell HammettComplete NovelsSteven Marcus1999978-1-883011-67-3
111Henry JamesComplete Stories 1864–1874Jean Strouse1999978-1-883011-70-3
112William FaulknerNovels 1957–1962: The Town/The Mansion/The ReiversNoel Polk (notes by Joseph Blotner)1999978-1-883011-69-7
113John James AudubonWritings & DrawingsChristoph Irmscher1999978-1-883011-68-0
114variousSlave NarrativesWilliam L. Andrews & Henry Louis Gates, Jr.2000978-1-883011-76-5
115variousAmerican Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Vol. 1Advisory board: Robert Hass, John Hollander, et al.2000978-1-883011-77-2
116variousAmerican Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Vol. 2Advisory board: Robert Hass, John Hollander, et al.2000978-1-883011-78-9
117F. Scott FitzgeraldNovels and Stories 1920–1922Jackson R. Bryer2000978-1-883011-84-0
118Henry Wadsworth LongfellowPoems and Other WritingsJ.D. McClatchy2000978-1-883011-85-7
119Tennessee WilliamsPlays 1937–1955Mel Gussow & Kenneth Holditch2000978-1-883011-86-4
120Tennessee WilliamsPlays 1957–1980Mel Gussow & Kenneth Holditch2000978-1-883011-87-1
121Edith WhartonCollected Stories 1891–1910Maureen Howard2001978-1-883011-93-2
122Edith WhartonCollected Stories 1911–1937Maureen Howard2001978-1-883011-94-9
123variousThe American Revolution: Writings from the War of IndependenceJohn Rhodehamel2001978-1-883011-91-8
124Henry David ThoreauCollected Essays and PoemsElizabeth Hall Witherell2001978-1-883011-95-6
125Dashiell HammettCrime Stories and Other WritingsSteven Marcus2001978-1-931082-00-6
126Dawn PowellNovels 1930–1942: Dance Night/Come Back to Sorrento/ Turn, Magic Wheel/Angels on Toast/A Time to Be BornTim Page2001978-1-931082-01-3
127Dawn PowellNovels 1944–1962: My Home Is Far Away/The Locusts Have No King/The Wicked Pavilion/The Golden SpurTim Page2001978-1-931082-02-0
128Carson McCullersComplete NovelsCarlos Dews2001978-1-931082-03-7
129Alexander HamiltonWritingsJoanne B. Freeman2001978-1-931082-04-4
130Mark TwainThe Gilded Age and Later NovelsHamlin L. Hill2002978-1-931082-10-5
131Charles W. ChesnuttStories, Novels, and EssaysWerner Sollors2002978-1-931082-06-8
132John SteinbeckNovels, 1942–1952: The Moon Is Down/Cannery Row/The Pearl/East of EdenRobert DeMott2002978-1-931082-07-5
133Sinclair LewisArrowsmith, Elmer Gantry, DodsworthRichard Lingeman2002978-1-931082-08-2
134Paul BowlesThe Sheltering Sky, Let It Come Down, The Spider’s HouseDaniel Halpern2002978-1-931082-19-8
135Paul BowlesComplete Stories & Later WritingsDaniel Halpern2002978-1-931082-20-4
136Kate ChopinComplete Novels & StoriesSandra M. Gilbert2002978-1-931082-21-1
137variousReporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941–1963Advisory board: Clayborne Carson, David J. Garrow, Bill Kovach, Carol Polsgrove2003978-1-931082-28-0
138variousReporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1963–1973Advisory board: Clayborne Carson, David J. Garrow, Bill Kovach, Carol Polsgrove2003978-1-931082-29-7
139Henry JamesNovels 1896–1899Myra Jehlen2003978-1-931082-30-3
140Theodore DreiserAn American TragedyThomas P. Riggio2003978-1-931082-31-0
141Saul BellowNovels 1944–1953James Wood2003978-1-931082-38-9
142John Dos PassosNovels 1920–1925Townsend Ludington2003978-1-931082-39-6
143John Dos PassosTravel Books and Other WritingsTownsend Ludington2003978-1-931082-40-2
144Ezra PoundPoems and TranslationsRichard Sieburth2003978-1-931082-41-9
145James Weldon JohnsonWritingsWilliam L. Andrews2004978-1-931082-52-5
146Washington IrvingThree Western NarrativesJames P. Ronda2004978-1-931082-53-2
147Alexis de TocquevilleDemocracy in AmericaOlivier Zunz2004978-1-931082-54-9
148James T. FarrellStuds Lonigan: A TrilogyPete Hamill2004978-1-931082-55-6
149Isaac Bashevis SingerStories Vol. 1Ilan Stavans2004978-1-931082-61-7
150Isaac Bashevis SingerStories Vol. 2Ilan Stavans2004978-1-931082-62-4
151Isaac Bashevis SingerStories Vol. 3Ilan Stavans2004978-1-931082-63-1
152George Kaufman & Co.Broadway ComediesLaurence Maslon2004978-1-931082-67-9
153Theodore RooseveltThe Rough Riders and an AutobiographyLouis Auchincloss2004978-1-931082-65-5
154Theodore RooseveltLetters and SpeechesLouis Auchincloss2004978-1-931082-66-2
155H. P. LovecraftTalesPeter Straub2005978-1-931082-72-3
156Louisa May AlcottLittle Women, Little Men, Jo’s BoysElaine Showalter2005978-1-931082-73-0
157Philip RothNovels and Stories 1959–1962: Goodbye, Columbus & Five Short Stories/Letting GoRoss Miller2005978-1-931082-79-2
158Philip RothNovels 1967–1972: When She Was Good/Portnoy’s Complaint/Our Gang/The BreastRoss Miller2005978-1-931082-80-8
159James AgeeLet Us Now Praise Famous Men, A Death in the Family, Shorter FictionMichael Sragow2005978-1-931082-81-5
160James AgeeFilm Writing and Selected JournalismMichael Sragow2005978-1-931082-82-2
161Richard Henry Dana, Jr.Two Years Before the Mast & Other VoyagesThomas Philbrick2005978-1-931082-83-9
162Henry JamesNovels 1901–1902Leo Bersani2006978-1-931082-88-4
163Arthur MillerCollected Plays 1944–1961Tony Kushner2006978-1-931082-91-4
164William FaulknerNovels 1926–1929: Soldiers’ Pay/Mosquitoes/Flags in the Dust/The Sound and the FuryJoseph Blotner & Noel Polk2006978-1-931082-89-1
165Philip RothNovels 1973–1977: The Great American Novel/My Life as a Man/The Professor of DesireRoss Miller2006978-1-931082-96-9
166variousAmerican Speeches: Revolution to Civil WarTed Widmer2006978-1-931082-97-6
167variousAmerican Speeches: Lincoln to ClintonTed Widmer2006978-1-931082-98-3
168Hart CraneComplete Poems and Selected LettersLangdon Hammer2006978-1-931082-99-0
169Saul BellowNovels 1956–1964James Wood2007978-1-59853-002-5
170John SteinbeckTravels with Charlie and Later Novels, 1947–1962: The Wayward Bus/Burning Bright/Sweet Thursday/The Winter of Our Discontent/Travels with Charlie in Search of AmericaRobert DeMott & Brian Railsback2007978-1-59853-004-9
171Captain John SmithWritings, with Other Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the English Settlement of AmericaJames Horn2007978-1-59853-001-8
172Thornton WilderCollected Plays and Writings on TheaterJ. D. McClatchy2007978-1-59853-003-2
173Philip K. DickFour Novels of the 1960s: The Man in the High Castle/The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?/UbikJonathan Lethem2007978-1-59853-009-4
174Jack KerouacRoad Novels: 1957–1960Douglas Brinkley2007978-1-59853-012-4
175Philip RothZuckerman Bound: A Trilogy and Epilogue; Novels 1979–1985: The Ghost Writer/Zuckerman Unbound/The Anatomy Lesson/The Prague OrgyRoss Miller2007978-1-59853-011-7
176Edmund WilsonLiterary Essays and Reviews of the 1920s & 30s: The Shores of Light / Axel’s Castle / Uncollected ReviewsLewis M. Dabney2007978-1-59853-013-1
177Edmund WilsonLiterary Essays and Reviews of the 1930s & 40s: The Triple Thinkers, The Wound and the Bow, Classics and Commercials, Uncollected ReviewsLewis M. Dabney2007978-1-59853-014-8
178variousAmerican Poetry: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesDavid S. Shields2007978-1-931082-90-7
179William MaxwellEarly Novels and Stories: Bright Center of Heaven / They Came Like Swallows / The Folded Leaf / Time Will Darken It / Stories 1938–1956Christopher Carduff2008978-1-59853-026-1
180Elizabeth BishopPoems, Prose and LettersRobert Giroux & Lloyd Schwartz2008978-1-59853-017-9
181A. J. LieblingWorld War II Writings: The Road Back to Paris /Mollie and Other War Pieces / Uncollected War Journalism / Normandy RevisitedPete Hamill2008978-1-59853-040-7
182variousAmerican Earth: Environmental Writing Since ThoreauBill McKibben (foreword by Al Gore)2008978-1-59853-020-9
183Philip K. DickFive Novels of the 1960s and 70s: Martian Time-Slip / Dr. Bloodmoney / Now Wait for Last Year / Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said / A Scanner DarklyJonathan Lethem2008978-1-59853-025-4
184William MaxwellLater Novels and Stories: The Château / So Long, See You Tomorrow / Stories and Improvisations 1957–1999Christopher Carduff2008978-1-59853-026-1
185Philip RothNovels and Other Narratives 1986 – 1991: The Counterlife / The Facts / Deception / PatrimonyRoss Miller2008978-1-59853-030-8
186Katherine Anne PorterCollected Stories and Other WritingsDarlene Harbour Unrue2008978-1-59853-029-2
187John AshberyCollected Poems 1956–1987Mark Ford2008978-1-59853-028-5
188John CheeverCollected Stories and Other WritingsBlake Bailey2009978-1-59853-034-6
189John CheeverComplete NovelsBlake Bailey2009978-1-59853-035-3
190Lafcadio HearnAmerican Writings: Some Chinese Ghosts / Chita / Two Years in the French West Indies / Youma / Selected Journalism and LettersChristopher Benfey2009978-1-59853-039-1
191A. J. LieblingThe Sweet Science and Other WritingsPete Hamill2009978-1-59853-040-7
192variousThe Lincoln Anthology: Great Writers on His Life and Legacy from 1860 to NowHarold Holzer2009978-1-59853-033-9
193Philip K. DickVALIS and Later NovelsJonathan Lethem2009978-1-59853-044-5
194Thornton WilderThe Bridge of San Luis Rey and Other NovelsJ. D. McClatchy2009978-1-59853-045-2
195Raymond CarverCollected StoriesWilliam L. Stull & Maureen P. Carroll2009978-1-59853-046-9
196variousAmerican Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the PulpsPeter Straub2009978-1-59853-047-6
197variousAmerican Fantastic Tales: 1940s to NowPeter Straub2009978-1-59853-048-3
198John MarshallWritingsCharles F. Hobson2010978-1-59853-064-3
199variousThe Mark Twain Anthology: Great Writers on His Life and WorksShelley Fisher Fishkin2010978-1-59853-065-0
200Mark TwainA Tramp Abroad, Following the Equator, Other TravelsRoy Blount, Jr.2010978-1-59853-066-7
201Ralph Waldo EmersonSelected Journals 1820–1842Lawrence Rosenwald2010978-1-59853-067-4
202Ralph Waldo EmersonSelected Journals 1841–1877Lawrence Rosenwald2010978-1-59853-068-1
203variousThe American Stage: Writing on Theater from Washington Irving to Tony KushnerLaurence Senelick2010978-1-59853-069-8
204Philip RothNovels 1993–1995: Operation Shylock / Sabbath’s TheaterRoss Miller2010978-1-59853-078-0
205Shirley JacksonNovels and StoriesJoyce Carol Oates2010978-1-59853-072-8
206Henry Louis MenckenPrejudices: First, Second, and Third SeriesMarion Elizabeth Rodgers2010978-1-59853-076-6
207Henry Louis MenckenPrejudices: Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth SeriesMarion Elizabeth Rodgers2010978-1-59853-076-6
208John Kenneth GalbraithThe Affluent Society and Other Writings 1952–1967James K. Galbraith2010978-1-59853-077-3
209Saul BellowNovels 1970–1982: Mr. Sammler’s Planet / Humboldt’s Gift / The Dean’s DecemberJames Wood2010978-1-59853-079-7
210Lynd WardGods’ Man, Madman’s Drum, Wild PilgrimageArt Spiegelman2010978-1-59853-082-7
211Lynd WardPrelude to a Million Years, Song Without Words, VertigoArt Spiegelman2010978-1-59853-082-7
212variousThe Civil War: The First Year Told by Those Who Lived ItBrooks D. Simpson2011978-1-59853-088-9
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218variousHarlem Renaissance Novels: Five Novels of the 1930sRafia Zafar2011978-1-59853-101-5
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317Wendell BerryWhat I Stand On: The Collected Essays of Wendell Berry 1993–2017Jack Shoemaker2019978-159853-608-9
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