The Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


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Microsoft Teams is one of Slack’s top competitors and has exploded in popularity of late.

Once you get past its confusing sign-up process, Teams proves to be a robust solution for hosting your virtual office.Its free tier includes unlimited messages, audio/video calling features, and screen sharing. You’ll also find real-time integration with Office Online apps like Word, Excel, and OneNote.

If a Microsoft Teams workspace is where you head to work every morning, the cheat sheet below is for you. It contains keyboard shortcuts for using Microsoft Teams on web and desktop.With the shortcuts listed you can, for starters, display the commands list and switch between various tabs in your workspace.

The cheat sheet also includes shortcuts for calls and messaging. With these, you can start new chats, reply to threads, attach files, manage calls, and toggle audio and video.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable…

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