AWS Native Services Integration With VMware Cloud on AWS

This post lists some of the available options for connecting VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with native AWS services for hybrid cloud deployments.

The most common way of consuming AWS services with VMware Cloud on AWS is to use the built in Elastic Network Interface (ENI) functionality. Each VMware Cloud Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) can be connected to another AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) during the deployment phase. A VPC is Amazon’s logical separation of virtual networks. At scale, you may choose to have many VPCs and many accounts for different applications and environments. Multiple VPCs can be connected together using an AWS Transit Gateway (TGW). A further option we will look at is VPC Endpoints, enabling you to privately connect to supported AWS services and endpoints.

1. Connected VPC

The AWS bare metal hosts deployed for VMware Cloud on AWS use a redundant 25…

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