Learning Kubernetes Video Series


At a recent Hackathon, I had the pleasure of representing Microsoft as an Azure mentor and a judge.  During my mentoring sessions with University students, the questions regarding Kubernetes and the container technology came up quite a number of times.

These interactions inspired me to put together this article which features an excellent video series by Brendan Burns (Distinguished Engineer, Compute R&D, Microsoft Azure).  In addition to these videos, I’ve also included links to some useful and relevant articles related to Kubernetes and containers.

Why you should care about Containers

Understand how containers provide a lightweight immutable infrastructure for application deployment and more efficient utilization of underlying resources in this video of why containers matter.

How Kubernetes works

Learn about the key concepts in Kubernetes, including pod, deployment, ReplicaSet, scheduler and load balancer.

How Kubernetes deployments work

Learn how Kubernetes deployment process enables reliable, zero-downtime…

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