Hiking in the highland nature reserve in Pù Luông (Vietnam)

Le petit renard

Next morning I depart from Pù Luông Retreat with a young local guide, Xưỡng, around 8:30. The hotel prepared a lunch box for us – roasted chicken, sticky rice, banana, orange and bottle of water. By the way, most of staffs working here are Thai minority, they do speak an excellent Vietnamese, although some can’t write. I curiously asked them whether they understand Thai (Thailand) or Laotian (Laos) language, to my surprise – they understand some, 20-30%! That’s cool!

061 I’m so impressed by the vast rice fields in the valley in the national nature reserve

Back to my trekking, I got a whole day ahead, 15km of hiking around the nature reserve, from one “bản” (i.e village) to another and we have totally around 4 or 5 “bản” to visit, only two of us, so my 19-year-young local guide decided to take me on his bike, we can explore much…

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