Cross country hiking in Ha Giang

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Most of the people treat Ha Giang city just as a base, a starting point of the northern loop around Ha Giang region and do not spend time longer than absolutely necessary there. It’s a mistake: the city itself isn’t interesting but the surroundings hide some surprises. If you like hiking, nature and traditional architecture, don’t miss the visit to Lam Dong village of Tay people and the hikes to Khuoi My and Lung Vai – mountain villages of the Dao people.

A view from the mountaintop at the thatched roofs of the traditional north Vietnamese houses and paddy fields down below

Why to visit villages around Ha Giang?

Lam Dong is a beautiful village consisting almost entirely of picture-perfect traditional, wooden, thatched roof houses set among green paddies and flowering gardens. It’s just a short walk from Ha Giang town.

Lam Dong village near Ha Giang, consisting entirely of wooden, thatched houses, seen through papaya trees, yellow flowers and a small paddy field

Khuoi My (also spelt Khuoi Mi) village and lying further beyond Lung Vai village, known for the stupendous views at the rice terraces, require an easy but longish…

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