Cài đặt Autopilot trên nền cloud Azure để join vào Domain tự động.



Applicable to Windows 1809 and later versions, here’s an overview how the Windows Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD join works. Assuming that the device(s) are registered with Windows Autopilot, Hybrid Azure AD Autopilot deployment profile has been created and the Intune Connector for Active Directory is installed, we’re good to go.

1) When a user unboxes and power on his/her new device, the hardware ID is sent to the Windows Autopilot Deployment Service.

2) The Windows Autopilot Deployment Service responses back with the Autopilot profile. this profile tells the device that it needs to join to the hybrid Azure AD instead of Azure AD.

3) Then the device enrolls to intune.

4) Intune uses a connector to talk to the on-prem Domain controller and pre-create a computer object on the on-prem DC. It’s generating what’s known as an office domain join blob.

5) And it’s taking that blob and sending

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