Understanding BtrFS

Vada McDaniel

hard disk hard disk drive

While recently installing some memory and a new Patriot 120 GB SSD into an older laptop that I was going to use as a test server, or I should say a install an OS, perform penetration tests on it and possibly (99.9% chance that I would bork it) wipe it clean only to reinstall the OS on it again, it dawned on me, that it would be nice if I could revert it back to an earlier time (not the fresh install state) without having to use backup software. While DD is my go to product, it can be time consuming.  This particular laptop is a Lenovo Z585 that I was using for my Windows 7 & 10 projects and I wanted to install Windows Server 2016 and GNS3 so that I could learn active directory domain services on the Windows Server 2016 partition and with the…

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