Should We Give Users Local Admin Rights?

Có nên cấp quyền Local Admin cho các Users trong hệ thống ?

A common debate in cyber security is “can a user have admin rights to their machine?”
Personally, I’ve always been on the side of no but recently been I’ve been torn.
Hence why I’m now brain dumping on my blog.

For the past couple of months, during my vendor “engagements”, I’ve been trying to get a sneak peak into how other companies handle the idea. These aren’t just run of the mill companies, I’m talking Microsoft level and each of them answered “yes, my account is admin to my machine”.

When you start to hear “yes” more and more, you start to think that maybe you’ve got it wrong.

Now when I answer “no” it’s because my first thought is that the majority of malware and ransomware based attacks thrive on the user having local admin rights. This is because they need to write to certain directories or inject/modify registry…

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