Should cybersecurity be taught in schools?

Should cybersecurity be taught in schools?

ESET Ireland

educacion-seguridad-informatica-incluirse-educacion-formal.jpgExperts weigh in on whether schools should teach kids the skills they need to safely reap the benefits of the online world.

With education being one of the key factors in everyone’s life, the education system of any country seeks to provide children not only with elementary competencies, but also equip them with at least some of the skills that they’ll need to successfully navigate their daily lives. In our technology-infused era, then, there’s a strong argument for including also basic cybersecurity skills among the kinds of skills that help people thrive in life.

Besides parents, schools, too, clearly have a role to play here. Hence, this installment in our series of articles marking this year’s Antimalware Day will attempt to answer several questions that revolve around the importance of cybersecurity education in the classroom. In so doing, we will also rely on input from several organizations, mainly from…

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