Running ESXi 6.7 on a Bean Canyon Intel NUC NUC8i5BEH.

Chạy phần mềm máy ảo Vmware ESXi 6.7 trên máy tính đồng bộ mini của Intel.


With 4 cores, 8 logical CPUs and up to 64 GB of ram the 8th generation i5 and i7 Intel NUCs make nice little home lab virtualization hosts. This week I rebuilt one of mine and documented the build process.


In terms of components, there is not much to it. The NUC includes everything except ram and storage on the motherboard. The components I chose for this build are listed below.

  • NUC8i5BEH
  • 64GB (2x32GB) SoDIMM (M471A4G43MB1)
  • A 32GB USB stick for the ESXi boot disk
  • Local Storage: (optional)
    • Samsung 970 PRO NVME M.2 drive, 512GB
    • Samsung 960 EVO SSD drive, 1TB

Everything is easily accessible for installation. Loosen 4 screws to remove the bottom cover and everything can be assembled in minutes.

Bios settings:

Next boot into the BIOS and update it if needed. The BIOS hotkey is F2. If the NUC doesn’t detect a monitor at boot the…

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