Hack webcam từ xa !

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If you have a piece of tape covering your webcam, you have
most likely heard that hackers or the NSA can remotely spy on you. The question
is how? How can someone far away, that you have never met be able to get a
remote connection to your machine and spy on you?

Now it could be that your CCTV, IP camera is simply exposed on the Internet and the attacker has found it on sites such as Shodan. You haven’t changed the default password and bam, they are in. Watching your every move.

This is often the case for IoT cameras. However, if we talk about your built in webcam, the answer will more likely be through a Meterpreter payload. Meterpreter can get you access to a reverse shell, which is what we will be covering below. For more information on Meterpreter, read here:


You might be thinking…

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