Network and Security Updates in VMware Cloud on AWS version 1.9

With the recent VMware Cloud on AWS release 1.9 out comes a ton of new networking and security features. Most of the focus of these features is on making the platform easier to manage and secure VMs in the cloud.

There are all summarized in this post, except the Terraform NSX-T Policy provider which will be covered in a subsequent post.


You can assign tags to just about anything (VPN, groups, services, security rules). These tags are different from security tags and vSphere tags though (read more here).

For VPN, the main use case is to be able to search faster. If you look below, I create a tag and attach it to my VPN. When I search based on the tag, I can very quickly find the right VPN.

Tag on VPN

I love the ability to use tags and metadata to improve our ability to use…

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