Mishandling of Resource Pools

The Wifi-Cable

Resource Pools have been part of VMware vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure for as long as I can imagine. The same can be said regarding the mishandling of Resource Pools and that is most likely because they are frequently misunderstood. More often than not I see Resource Pools being used to categorize or organize VM workloads (i.e. application type, OS type, etc.) and use the Resource Pool more like a folder. What is the potential impact of doing this? Performance problems.

Before we get into the ‘how’ lets dive a little into the reason’s ‘why’ and ‘when’ to use them. First and foremost your vSphere cluster has to have DRS enabled which is entirely dependent on which version of vSphere you are licensed. DRS is available in Enterprise Plus and Platinum editions and not available in Standard. If you’re licensed for Standard then you do not have to worry about Resource…

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