Introducing HashiCorp Terraform Provider for NSX-T Policy Manager and VMware Cloud on AWS

This blog post will cover how to use the new Terraform provider with the VMware NSX-T Policy Manager.

Like everything on my personal blog, be mindful that all my tests are on a lab platform… Use any of the tools used in this post with care as I won’t be responsible for any issues you may run into. Thank you for your understanding.

In previous blog posts, you might recall I covered how you can use the Infrastructure-As-Code tool Terraform to provision VMware resources (vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS).

In VMware Cloud on AWS, we used to have a limitation around networking and security – the NSX-T Terraform provider was not compatible with VMware Cloud on AWS.

The reason it wasn’t compatible is because VMware Cloud on AWS uses the NSX-T Policy APIs and not the ‘traditional’ NSX-T APIs (Luca did a great job on his blog

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