Interview with an ethical hacker

Phỏng vấn một hacker mũ trắng

The Silicon Path

As the old Bon Jovi song goes, “good guys don’t always wear white.” Today, we’re talking to Greg, a penetration tester who makes his living by legally hacking companies to test their security posture.

Photo by vipul uthaiah on Unsplash

The media frequently portrays hackers as guys wearing hoodies clacking away at a BASH interface at 2am. The truth is that a large majority of hackers fall into two categories: organized crime and the professionals (AKA “penetration testers” or security researchers) who operate legally on behalf of companies. Neither wear hoodies, typically.

I recently did an interview with Greg, an ethical hacker who makes his living by hacking companies that have hired him to find flaws in their security posture. Today, he reveals how he got into this field – and how you can too!

I add in some clarification when Greg used acronyms or names that may…

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