We are going to walk through the preparation of our ESXi hosts to become Transport Nodes. Once complete, we will be able to start applying NSX-T features and policies to your data center deployment.

This process is very straight forward with just a couple of clicks. However, there are some prerequisites that you need to have completed prior to preparing hosts as transport nodes.


  1. Create the transport zones you wish your transport nodes to participate. (How-To) Create NSX-T Transport Zones.
  2. Pre-configure uplink profiles for the transport zones you wish to apply to your transport nodes (hosts). (How-To) Configure NSX-T Uplink Profiles.
  3. (optional) Register your NSX-T manager with a compute manager (vCenter). (How-To) Register a Compute Manager with NSX-T.

There are a couple of ways to prepare our ESXi hosts to become transport nodes within our NSX-T infrastructure. The first way we are going to walk through…

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