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Please note that

  • IP is configured statically
  • DNS server is installed in the same server with the AD (It is recommended to install DNS server separately)

Firstly, you have to install Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (refer

login to newly installed server 2019 operating system as the administrator

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-15-18-45-26

Select ‘Server manager’ from start menu

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-17-43

Select ‘Add roles and features’

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-19-09

Click ‘Next’ to continue

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-28-02

Select ‘Role based or feature based installation’ and click ‘Next’

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-28-12

Select the server that Active Directory is going to be installed

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-28-25

Select the ‘Active Directory Domain Services’ server role and ‘DNS Server’ server role

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-28-48

Click Next to proceed to the installation window

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-29-06

Confirm the installation selections and click ‘install’

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-30-31

Wait until the installation finishes and close the dialog box

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-31-41SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-39-40

Click on the notification in Server Manager Dashboard and promote the server to a domain controller

SVR 2019 AD-2020-02-16-20-40-00

Choose ‘Add a new forest’ and provide the root domain name

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