How to enable two-factor authentication for SSH in Fedora Linux

Bật tính năng xác thực 2 lớp truy cập SSH trên Fedora Linux

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Source: TechRepublic

Any machine that allows SSH login would benefit from the addition of two-factor authentication.


Image: Jack Wallen

Whether you use Fedora Linux for a desktop or server, you should consider enabling two-factor authentication for Secure Shell (SSH) login. Why? Because SSH is the primary means of remotely logging into a server, and the last thing you want is to leave that service open for attacks.

One way to better lock that down is by enabling two-factor authentication for SSH. I want to walk you through the steps of doing just that, so you can enjoy more security with your Fedora desktops and servers.

What you need

To make this work, you need the following:

  • An instance of Fedora up and running.
  • A user account with sudo access.
  • A third-party authenticator app (such as Authy) on your mobile device.

Let’s make this work.

A word of warning


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