Cybersecurity training and awareness: helpful resources for educators

ESET Ireland

shutterstock_educators-1000-623x432.jpgFree resources for cybersecurity awareness and training are out there – links to many of them are provided here.

Cybersecurity training and awareness programs need not break the budget. This article lists free resources that are readily accessible and can help you find ideas, content, and contacts to assist in your efforts.

Of course, as I said last year, such programs “will not guarantee complete cyber safety for companies, but they can go a long way towards making workers more cyber-aware” (see: Cybersecurity training still neglected by many employers). When combined with good policies and controls, security education definitely improves an organization’s resistance to attack.

Over the past 12 months I think I have seen an increase in the number of hands raised when I ask audiences: “Has your employer provided you with any training and education around cybersecurity?” If this is a real trend, not just an anecdotal result…

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