Configure vCenter HA using the NSX Load Balancer

The Wifi-Cable

A couple months ago I posted a 5-part series for configuring and enabling vCenter HA using an external PSC and load balancer. Very effective solution for anyone looking to enhance vCenter availability in their environment. What about those customers who are taking advantage of VMware NSX and want to utilize the NSX load balancer for vCenter HA?

The documentation available from VMware and my 5-part series blog post covers the “in’s and out’s” of this procedure assuming the environment is brand new. How rare is that nowadays? I’ll be 100% honest with you…I don’t come across many customers looking to deploy VMware for the first time these days. VMware is everywhere!

So what about the environments that are already running VMware vSphere and NSX? How do you introduce vCenter HA into that environment? Perfect high-level scenario example…

  1. Long-time vSphere customer installed NSX into their vSphere 6.0 environment about a year…

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