Cold migrate your On-Premise workload VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS

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VMware Cloud on AWS supports several ways to migrate your workload VMs from your on-premises hosts to the ones in your SDDC and back again, as well as across hosts in your SDDC. The method you choose should be based on your tolerance for workload VM downtime, the number of VMs you need to move, and your on-premises networking configuration.

In VMware Cloud on AWS, when we want to perform the VMs workload migration tasks from our On-Premise datacenter to the Cloud, VMware calls this method as “Hybrid Migration“, there are total three different kinds of “Hybrid Migration” approaches for users to achieve this goal.

Apparently the most easiest way (less environment requirements) for user to migrate their VMs workload to the cloud SDDC (or back from cloud) is “cold” migration, which moves powered-off VMs from one host or datastore to another. Cold migration is a good option when…

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