Wim Matthyssen

While starting a virtual machine (VM) from saved state on my Windows 10 laptop with Client Hyper-V, the following error message popped up and the VM itself did not power on.

An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machine(s).

<VMName>‘ failed to change state.

The error itself did not explain a lot why the startup from saved state was failing, but in the Event Viewer and more specific in the Hyper-V event logs (tap the Windows key + R to open Run, type eventvwr in the empty box and tap OK. When opened go to Applications and Services LogsMicrosoftWindowsHyper-V-WorkerAdmin) Event 3326 was shown, which showed a lot more.

The Virtual Machine ‘VM-W8-HOME’ failed to start because there is not enough disk space. The system was unable to create the memory contents file…

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