Block it

Image by ndemello from Pixabay

There have been times, were there was no answer, when the question was raised: “how can I block access to certain internet domains in the modern workplace scenario?”

Those times are over.

With Network Protection, Microsoft Defender ATP (MDATP) and Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), we now have multiple possibilities to block websites.

The cool thing about Network Protection: -as the name implies- it sits in the Windows 10 network layer. With that said, it blocks internet connections from any browser and from any other application!

Network Protection can be turned on in multiple ways, including Intune and PowerShell.

Blocking Single Domains or IP Addresses

First, you can manually add a custom indicator in MDATP under Settings/Indicators to block certain Domains. If you do not ‘enable’ Network Protection on your clients – this takes only effect in Edge.

After clicking on the…

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