Digital Transformation (a study)

Cloud Solutions Architect

Digital Transformation (a study)

Digital Transformation, or DX for cool kids, is a way to describe, workplace modernisation, the move towards the use of Software-as-a-Service platforms, in pay-as-you-go models monthly billing in a more secure modern platforms and inline with the 4th industraial revulotions, intergrating colobration and use of cloud based platforms to enable colobration and hive mind to support your multi channel communcation with customers.

Workplace Transformation, Customer service and Digital Marketing integration

DX Business Value

  • Cost Savings
  • Staff productivity
  • Operational resilience
  • Business agility

Industry x0

Assessment and Strategy (ROI, Business Prioritisation. )

SD-WAN Transformation

Workplace Transformation

Infrastructure Transformation

Application Transforamtion

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