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In daily life of an administrator worst day is when you’ve to co-relate logs across the stack for performance troubleshooting or when you need to troubleshoot an issue which is not consistent. Usually for such issues you’ll need to enable continuous log collection and hope that issue will reappear during the log collection time. Phew!

But gone are those days where you were reactive in troubleshooting, now with CloudIQ you can be proactive.

CloudIQ is SaaS based monitoring application which is available to all DellEMC customers without any additional investment.

Though CloudIQ allows customers to have centralized monitoring of DellEMC storage products, proactive health score and predictive analytics, but this blog is about VMware monitoring with CloudIQ. With latest update of CloudIQ now it supports monitoring of entire VMware landscape (along with storage and Connectrix).

As I have already mentioned CloudIQ has integration with VMware for end-to-end monitoring…

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