Databases and Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) with DellEMC

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In this blog we will talk about how DellEMC can help you to store you databases smartly and efficiently.

But firstly let’s talks about CDM and why it’s important. In the world of DBAs everyone’s always talking about performance, million IOPS and double/triple digit bandwidth with lowest possible latency. But the biggest question is whether performance is the only solution to all problems?

For example in one of the survey members of Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) were asked what DB activities are taking up most of the time each week?

You can also see that performance troubleshooting is rated as second most time consuming activity, but the question is how to solve it. One of the ways people try to solve this is by upgrading their database stack. In below AWR example snippets you can see that how one of the customer has solved their performance issue by moving…

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