The new way to avoid exposing port 3389 in Azure – Bastion!

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Microsoft has released the public preview for Azure Bastion, allowing an additional factor and separate subnet to be your protection from the hordes of hackers who scan the Internet every day looking for open port 3389 with easy passwords or vulnerable patch-level. And things are simpler for you as well – no more unnecessary PIP’s or jump servers to maintain, just for desktop access. Of course, many of you are already using Powershell or Azure automation, and don’t need that desktop, right?  Baston uses the HTTPS connection to Azure to then proxy your connectivity through to the specified desktops: 

The steps are simple, but for more details, check out the links at the conclusion.  First pick a region where the preview is supported (I used “East US”, otherwise provisioning may fail) and set up your vnet and put both a working subnet and a /27 subnet – the /27 actually…

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