#RaspberryPi – MultiMonitor support in #RaspberryPi4 rocks!

El Bruno

Hi !

Another post in my path to use a Raspberry Pi 4 as a fully development device. And today, no code at all, just a showcase of the amazing new hardware: 2 video output. So let’s start with a working mode:

raspberry pi 4 multi monitor support with htop

In the previous image, in Screen 1 I’m using an instance of Visual Studio Code to do some Machine Learning with Python, and in Screen 2, I’m also browsing the history of one repo (I broke something …. as usual!).

In Screen 1, I also have Htop running, and it shows that I’m only using +780MBs of ram, that’s mean I still got 3GBs to use!

As a Windows user, I really appreciate that we had an visual interface to configure screen settings.

Raspberry Start > Preferences > Screen Configuration

raspberry pi 4 screen configuration

The [Screen Layout Editor] allows us to configure the following settings for HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 screens:

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Thank you so much

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