El Bruno


If you been
playing around with Raspberry Pi, I’m sure you already know this. For me this
was a 1st timer, so I must write this down for the future myself.

When I started testing the Raspberry Pi 4, I got one of the complete kits, so I got the official red keyboard and mouse.

raspberry pi 4 official keyboard and mouse

I figure out I also need a couple of extra video cables. Now we need a [Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable] to connect one of the 2 video outputs to an external monitor.

This is the
(cheap) monitor I’ve been using for a long time, however by default the RPi
does works in a valid resolution for this monitor.

raspberry pi 7 inches monitor

And, the 2
main tasks you perform when you start your RPI are

  • Configure Wireless Connection
  • Enable SSH

Of course, you can do this directly in the SD with the Raspbian image (see references)…

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