Azure AD Best Practice: Using Azure AD Connect Standby for Redundancy and Failover

Secure Infrastructure Blog

My big focus for Azure at Microsoft is in administration and identity. This includes a lot of heavy Azure AD work. I regularly help customers assess their Azure AD implementations and plans, which puts me in the unique position to hear about customer woes directly.

One of the bigger pain points I hear from customers A LOT – and the thing that keeps them awake at night – is Azure AD Connect and specifically when there’s no discernible plan for backup and failover in the event sync fails or disaster happens.

Obviously, we have some work to do to ensure customers are hearing about Azure AD Connect implementations that supply backup and redundancy, but we do have guidance on this.

As a best practice, consider installing a second Azure AD Connect server, but instead of making it active, install it as a Standby server so that the Azure AD Connect…

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