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Compiled by Kyle Heim / Updated: August 13, 2019 Below are links to online resources about data journalism, what it is, why it matters, how it can be practiced, and how it can be taught. This list is intended to serve as an overview; it is not meant to be exhaustive or to delve into the technical details of…

Data journalism links and resources — Kyle Heim

Taiwan’s “Lantern village” has a train running through it

Kiwi Travel Writer talks food, travel, and tips

An unexpected road trip, with 2 local Taiwanese women,  ended at a lantern village that, surprisingly, had rail tracks running through the middle of the settlement.

Playing chicken for a photo

Here, daily, and at night time, people write wishes on paper lanterns, before releasing them into the sky in the hopes ancestors will answer their prayers.

It seems this ritual started during the Three Kingdoms period and were first to send military signals and, lighting these lanterns grew widespread during the mid-19th century when bandits often attacked these towns. So now, although once used as signals for villagers to let their families know they were safe, they now carry people’s wishes, dreams and hopes, skyward.

An annual lantern festival also takes place on the last day of the Lunar New Year but you can set off the lanterns any time of year.

There are many lantern colours and it seems the different…

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Managing AI & Analytics Transformations the Way your Brain Works

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics for CEOs

Managing AI & Analytics Transformations the Way your Brain Works.

I was thrilled to speak at the Chief Data Analytics Officer in Singapore and to meet some of the most brilliant data professionals in Asia. Thank you very much to Megan CampbellKate Tappin and Jonathan Catling for the opportunity.

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Managing AI & Analytics Transformations the Way your Brain Works

In its immense complexity, artificial intelligence is like human intelligence. Effective analytics teams in business interact in the same way as our nervous system does to enable human intelligence:

  • Analytics Organization: data professionals are like neurons in our brain, which organise cognitive and analytical functions akin to an analytics organizational chart. Leaders need to understand analytics roles, hiring and retention techniques, organizational models and the role of the Chief Data Officer
  • Data-driven culture: culture is like the reptilian brain, the oldest part of our brain, whose…

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There Are Two Kinds of AI, and the Difference is Important

Productivity Hub

Most of today’s AI is designed to solve specific problems.

Today’s artificial intelligence is certainly formidable. It can beat world champions atintricate gameslike chess and Go, or dominate atJeopardy!. It can interpret heaps of data for us, guidedriverless cars, respond to spoken commands, andtrack downthe answers to your internet search queries.

And as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, there will be fewer and fewer jobs that robots can’t take care of—or so Elon Musk recently speculated. He suggested that we might have togive our own brains a boostto stay competitive in an AI-saturated job market.

But if AI does steal your job, it won’t be because scientists have built a brain better than yours. At least, not across the board. Most of the advances in artificial intelligence have been focused on solving particular kinds of problems. This narrow artificial intelligence…

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R and Python: How to Integrate the Best of Both into Your Data Science Workflow



From Executive Business Leadership to Data Scientists, we all agree on one thing: A data-driven transformation is happening. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more specifically, Data Science, are redefining how organizations extract insights from their core business(es). We’re experiencing a fundamental shift in organizations in which “approximately 90% of large global organizations with have a Chief Data Officer by 2019”. Why? Because, when the ingredients of a “high performance data science team” are present (refer to this Case Study), organizations are able to generate massive return on investment (ROI). However, data science teams tend to get hung up on a “battle” waged between the two leading programming languages for data science: R versus Python.

Key Strengths, R and Python

In our recent article, “Case Study: How To Build A High Performance Data Science Team”, we exposed how a real company (Amadeus Investment Partners) is utilizing a…

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Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2019


If you are reading this, you’ve either decided to learn Programming this year as a beginner ormaybe you’re already a Programmer and want to expand your skill set. You may be wandering, “What programming languages should I be learning in 2019?” So here’s the answer to your question!!

In 2019, there are a lot more options one could imagine. Reducing this difficulty, I would present you my top 5 picks from the bunch of Programming Languages in no defined order.





5. Go

The main purpose of selecting these as top 5 is ongoing Industry trends and their ease of using and learning. According to me these languages will dominate in future. The order has no preference.

I’ll not only be briefing the languages but also brief their importance as per Industry standards, here we will be only seeing high level introduction of these languages and not…

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Most in demand python skills of 2019

Be A Python Dev

As Python continues to rise in popularity and extend into more problem areas it’s easy to lose pace with what you should be learning. In my professional experience the Python developers I have encountered are highly skilled in at least a few of these specialties.

In this article I will discuss what these areas are, a brief summary of how they are used, and resources to dive deeper into something that interests you. Be sure to read the last in demand python skill which may be one of the most important and over looked skill.

General Problem Solving

As a starter, to really become a successful Python developer you should have the ability to construct algorithms to solve problems such as those you’d find on Hacker Rank or Leet Code. I personally use these sites to complete at least two coding problems a week to keep building my own…

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