5 Guidelines for a Successful Office 365 Migration By Matt McDermott


Microsoft’s Office 365 has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years and is now the most widely used enterprise cloud service by user count. Organizations still consider moving to the cloud to be a top business risk, with security and compliance being the key sources of concern. While the cloud promises flexibility, easy scalability, reduced costs, and enhanced collaboration, a rushed ad-hoc migration not only leads to a sub-optimal adoption but also causes cybersecurity risks.

Spanning, along with CollabTalk and the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University, surveyed approximately 300 professionals worldwide to understand the state of Organizational Security & Compliance Practices in Office 365. The research highlighted some prevalent red flags, although a majority of survey respondents expressed confidence about their Office 365 security mechanisms, there is a significant gap as far as implementation of the practices is concerned. For example, 80%…

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