Old town, Tallinn : a photolog

Life as we see it..

If you have time to visit  just the Old town in Tallinn, that is enough Tallinn to take in. We thought, it is one of the most beautiful old towns in Europe. There are cafes and restaurants, courtyards  of chocolatiers and  artisans , souvenir shops, cobble stone roads, museums, Tallin’s part of old defence system: the towers and gates, severals old churches and squares, open air theatre, town-hall and even parliament and prison cells! Here is a small visual tour of  the Tallinn Old town for you guys  :)

IMG_8925 cobble stone roads and restaurants


DSC09126 Street art @ Tallinn


IMG_8944 Estonian parliament 


IMG_8957 Estonian actor Voldemar Panso



DSC09228 Estonian cafe


DSC09257 City’s open air theatre 


DSC09272 A typical residential house from 15th Century

DSC09276 Guild hall


IMG_8987 Influence of Lord Krishna reached far 


DSC09354 did  you notice the ceiling art? 


DSC09368 Amber is a precious stone sold here, but mostly imported from neighbouring Latvia/ Lithuania


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