The consequences of the Trump presidency on cybersecurity


Hacking and cybersecurity played a huge role in the presidential election. So much so that Donald Trump, America?s new president-elect, was helped greatly by the acts of criminal hackers in his journey to the White House, and is now an outspoken WikiLeaks fan.

Though, unless he appoints Julian Assange as his Cybersecurity Czar, I doubt we?ll be seeing WikiLeaks coming to Trump?s rescue when he needs help with cyber-policy in the near future. But you never know.

And that?s where this insane ride, where any consideration of the human beings who will experience the consequences of their combined machinations is absent, is going: Mr. Trump is now going to be in control of America?s cybersecurity and cyber-warfare policies and plans. He has promised that what he called ?the cyber? in his last debate will immediately become a priority, citing threats in the form of China and North Korea.

Mr. Trump…

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