Simply Southern Siberians

Through being active on social media and by just taking my dogs out in public a lot, I get asked lots of questions about huskies from curious dog lovers and from people interested in the breed. I wanted to create a post to address the most common questions I hear about my favorite breed!

1. Are huskies related to wolves?fullsizerender-1Huskies are not any closer related to wolves than Shih Tzus or Chow Chows. If you are familiar with Siberian Huskies and Wolves, you will know that they do not look very much alike. Huskies and similar looking dogs are often used on TV, movies, and other media to represent wolves, which creates the misconception that they look very similar (i.e. a husky will look similar a “wolf” you saw on TV, but the “wolf” on TV was not a real wolf.) Siberian Huskies are part of a group of…

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