Best VPNs of 2017

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 The 10 Best 24/7 VPN service providers for security – 2017 edition


If you want to improve your privacy and security when you are surfing internet, using VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is the most effective method. VPN is a network technology, which links the private network to internet using encryption methods. It is generally used by government agencies, organizations, educational institutions, and private citizens to facilitate easy access of remote user( A remote user is a user who is operating a hardware device or accessing software from an off-site location ) to secured private networks.

In comparison to private networks, VPN is not only economizing and  adaptable, but it also provide VPN users to sustain their anonymity and protect themselves from being  intermeddle. A VPN can be used to access the sites which is not accessible, it hide your browsing activity from the hidden eyes on public Wi-Fi. Therefore…

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Bridge Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network

Zx Lee

It’s been a long time since I last work on any hobby project and update on my blog. Recently, I completed a mini project together with two of my friends. So I am going to take this opportunity to share the project that we have made, we named it the Bridge Monitoring System (BMS) using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). We are required to design an embedded system that is related with disaster management, either mitigation, preparedness, response or rehabilitation. To give you a high level overview of this project, basically we created three sensor nodes that acquire sensor measurement and transmit to central hub through wireless network. The sensor network works in a many-to-one fashion and data processing is done on the central hub. All the sensor measurement from each node is also displayed on the Host PC for user interface. Therefore, in this article, I am going to walk through some…

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