Industry 4.0 – Building Digital Ecosystem

Andreas Wasita

Why am I writing this (reading this) ?


I was involved in the most ambitious if not the biggest Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things) research during my time at PwC. This global report conducted by PwC’s surveyed of over 2,000 global companies across nine industry sectors.

The highlight of the report for AU and Singapore region:

Six out of Ten companies in Australia and Singapore invested in Industry 4.0 anticipate up to  two years until amortisation

55% of PwC survey participants are expecting ROI on Industry 4.0 technologies  within  two years

Around 58% of AU and Singapore firms expect to drive high levels of digitisation and integration by 2021, according to PwC’s research. Building the Digital Enterprise outlines how that companies are enhancing their product portfolio with digital functionalities and introducing innovative, data-based services. According to the survey, companies worldwide are set to invest approximately 5% of their digital revenues annually on digitisation –…

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