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Penetration Testing : Hacking Windows Using Metasploit and Meterpreter

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Pentesting with Windows Using Metasploit

Now, in the previous tutorial, which was the first tutorial on practical penetration testing, we got our hacking lab setup and exploited our first victim machine, which was an unpatched and vulnerable Windows XP machine. Our attacker machine was Kali Linux, and we were using Metasploit Framework, the most best tool when it comes to penetration testing (pentesting). We used the MS08-dcom vulnerability, which is a very famous vulnerability in Windows XP. The fact that it is famous means that most of the Windows machines already have this vulnerability patched, which means it will not actually work on a real life system. Now in this tutorial we will move on to payload execution, and see what all we can do after we have successfully exploited a vulnerability. It’s important that you go through the previous tutorial in order to…

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