Top 6 IT Certifications For 2011



Change happens fast in the IT industry – and what’s hot at the moment will always make way for what’s smaller, faster and more efficient.

And as technologies change, so do the certifications that are most in demand. The following are a few on their way to the top in 2011:

1. VMWare
IT departments are trending towards a leaner infrastructure, and that usually includes the use of SAAS platforms and virtual environments. The approach, when done intelligently, can save big money.

VMware is the current big dog in the virtual environment pack; however, certifications, such as the vSphere VCP, are poised to swell in demand over the coming months.

2. (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – Windows Server Virtualization
For the same reasons above, but to a lesser degree, expect Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform to gain steam in 2011. It doesn’t have the foothold that VMWare does, but it’s still likely to be a valuable qualification to have under your belt.

3. (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification – Windows 7
Windows is the undisputed behemoth in the commercial world, which won’t change anytime soon. So it stands to reason that with Windows 7 only a year old, its hold will strengthen as time moves on. Hiring managers will be looking for (and rewarding) folks who hold certification around this platform.

4. (CCNA) Cisco Certified Network Associate
You don’t need me to say it, but wireless is kind of a big deal. In 2009, the International Data
Corporation (IDC)
projected a 37% decline in wireless and networking professionals by the end of 2011. That equates to opportunity for the industrious.

Besides, the CCNA cert is, has been, and will be respected by hiring managers far into the future. It’s a good one to have, no matter what the job pool looks like.

5. (ITIL) IT Infrastructure Library v3
Automation is a buzzword for organizations. As payroll budgets slim, companies look to get more out of technology to make up for less manpower. That’s where ITIL becomes important.

Bear in mind this isn’t a job-”getting” certification, but it is a great differentiator that shows a clear mastery of certain core IT skill sets. As the job market gets more crowded, it’ll be the details – like holding an ITIL – that make the difference.

6. EC-Council CEH
The attention on infrastructure security is only going one direction in 2011 – up! Most EC-Council certifications are going to be in demand, but pay particular attention to the CEH v6 Ethical Hacker certification. Government organizations, and the private sector alike, will be asking for it.

In Closing
What should you expect as an IT professional in 2011? 1) IT budgets will tighten up, forcing your team to do more with less. 2) Companies will start looking for varied certifications, hoping to land employees that can wear multiple hats.3) Legacy platforms will stick around longer, due to budgets aren’t funding upgrades.

All in all, it’ll be a challenging, exciting, fulfilling and predictable year. There’s plenty of opportunity to be had – and salary increases to secure – for those who prepare now to make them most of them.

2 thoughts on “Top 6 IT Certifications For 2011

  1. 3 Hottest New Jobs in IT

    Are you interested in an IT job? Are you looking for something fresh and exciting? There is no better time than now to be in the job market.

    According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, IT positions have seen a month over month increase since January 2011. In short, this means that new positions are being created on a regular basis.

    Below are three of the hottest new jobs in the IT sector:

    Business Architect

    Remember the days when IT was separated from business? That trend has come and gone. In today’s world, companies realize that technology is an important part of achieving results.

    To help bring together IT and business, a new position has emerged – business architect.

    As a business architect you will report to the CEO or another high level manager. Your job is to choose and implement technology that will best suit the company. In short, you will “mesh” your business and IT skills – imagine an MBA student with an IT concentration.

    Also check out our previous articles on Getting Hired At The Hottest Tech Companies and Technology Jobs Are Hot Again.

    Social Media Architect

    From small businesses to large corporations, social media has never been more popular. As social media continues to grow, companies need a dedicated professional to harness the power.

    In addition to well known social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, there are other aspects to consider. For example, many companies have begun to offer social medial tools to help others spread the word about their organization.

    Social media architects are often times referred to as “social media managers” and “social media strategists.” Regardless, those in this role are responsible for focusing on all social media efforts.

    Mobile Technology Expert

    The IT world has been turned upside down by mobile technology. From mobile apps to mobile strategies to security, those in this field have their hands full.

    Companies with a mobile technology expert on hand are finding it easier to adapt and change with the times.

    Organizations that are serious about developing mobile technology or making it simple for employees to take advantage of this trend have found that hiring a mobile technology is a must.

    These individuals are hired for a variety of tasks including but not limited to: implementing mobile technology, developing mobile apps, and troubleshooting mobile related issues.

    In the months to come, IT professionals can expect to see an increased interest in these positions. If your skills match one of the opportunities above, now may be the time to change career paths.

    If you are looking to change careers make sure you check out the IT certifications offered by QuickCert. They are the perfect compliment to real world experience and traditional education!


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